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The Iccus Society was founded in 2002 to create a group of like-minded clinicians, educators, and researchers in the field of sports rehabilitation.  The goal is to continue to foster the advancement of the field of sports rehabilitation.



The Iccus Society for Sports Rehabilitation was founded with the objectives to:

  1. Meet the needs of the membership through the development and improvement of sports rehabilitation.
  2. Promote and develop the credibility of the rehabilitation in the field of sports medicine, among other health care professionals, agencies, and professional associations, and to the public at large.
  3. Provide a forum for the identification of issues concerning the sports rehabilitation clinicians and a mechanism to take coordinated action.
  4. And foster communication and fellowship among members.



The functions of the Society shall be to:

  1. Serve as a resource to assist with the review, development, and maintenance of standards of practice, education, and research as they relate to the sports rehabilitation clinicians, upon request of appropriate parties
  2. Maintain communication and cooperation with other health care professionals, agencies, and professional associations in areas of mutual interest
  3. Represent the sports rehabilitation clinicians before governmental, professional, and voluntary agencies and the public where appropriate.
  4. Provide educational offerings to allow members to develop and improve existing clinical, professional, and administrative skills
  5. And schedule and hold regular meetings, which allow for the identification of concerns of the membership and the development of coordinated plans of action.



The Iccus Society for Sports Rehabilitation was founded in 2002 under the guided direction of the founding members Tab Blackburn, Gary Calabrese, George Davies, Gary Derscheid, Mark DeCarlo, Marty Heugal, Walt Jenkins, Terry Malone, Bob Mangine, Russ Paine, Tim Tyler, Mike Voight, and Kevin Wilk.

Iccus 2002
The Iccus Society – First Meeting in 2002

The Iccus Society is named after the Greek Olympian, Iccus of Taranto, who is commonly credited for being the father of early sports rehabilitation, and modeled after The Herodicus Society of Sports Medicine Physicians


Since 2002, The Iccus Society has grown to over 40 members.  Click here to read more about our members.